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ION’s SimSurvey is a new add-on to MESA that provides a reliable time & motion and cost analysis functionality to the survey design and planning workflow.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid evaluation of multiple survey plans
  • Asset, Economic & Timing Optimization
  • Integrated with MESA survey design and Marlin operations management 

SimSurvey can be used for:

  • Time and motion analysis for comparison of various ocean bottom operational scenarios – providing time and cost estimates
  • Animation of vessel/crew movements through project lifecycle – multi-line deployment, acquisition and retrieval
  • Flexible parameterization:  Number of vessels, crew size, vessel speeds, turn radius analysis and unit costs
  • Simulation of bottom cable, node and ROV-deployed geometries
  • Future enhancements will include towed streamer and land simulations

SimSurvey is also compatible with ION’s other software offerings including MESA and Marlin. Users can export MESA geometries to SimSurvey and import SimSurvey simulation back to MESA. Software simulations can also be exported to Marlin – ION’s operations optimization software.