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Drawing on over 30 years in-field expertise and installed on a significant majority of vessels worldwide, Orca is the industry leading integrated system that centralizes and automates the command and control of all on-board and in-water systems. Orca has proven track record with oil companies and seismic services providers across the globe. Orca delivers efficiency improvements in today’s acquisition environment, from 2D and 3D to complex, multi-vessel programs including 4D and WATS.

Operational Planning

Orca’s planning functionality combines obstacle information, ocean current models, coverage and repeatability into operational plans to derive the most efficient acquisition plan. It produces clear, concise work schedules for distribution to multiple vessels and third parties within the survey area.

Command & Control

At the heart of the instrument room, Orca’s reliable interfacing provides control and synchronization of the critical systems in the instrument room whatever acquisition is being undertaken. Real-time diagnostics, automated QC, robust logging and reporting give the operators, and clients, the confidence that the highest quality production is being achieved.

In-field Optimization

Orca provides intelligent modeling of ocean currents, through the use of tidal data, third party and internally calculated models, providing decision makers with enhanced feather predictions, modelled coverage and line prioritization guidance. This ensures that the most beneficial lines can be acquired at the optimal time, thereby increasing efficiency and quality for the survey being undertaken.

Navigation Processing

Orca’s navigation processing is automatically carried out whilst online, with fully processed deliverables available only minutes after end of line. The Near Real Time (NRT) engine automatically processes the navigation data, providing consistent results with minimal operator input. If required, the processing system allows the user to focus on automatically identified key problem areas and recalculate final positions quickly and efficiently. Full re-processing is possible, but typically not necessary.

Binning and Spatial Coverage

Orca’s coverage functionality is trusted by E&P and seismic companies to provide binning of coverage, attributes and repeatability deliverables. Real-time displays ensure that maximum coverage and repeatability can be achieved online. Offline coverage plots and detailed attribute reports are produced, allowing optimal infill decisions to be made.

Field QC & Analysis

Orca’s powerful field QC and analysis functionality provides comprehensive but clear reporting of data quality in real-time and offline. Real-time the focus is on quality assurance (QA) and automatically identifying problem areas, rather than relying upon manual review. Orca’s central database architecture means disparate survey data sources are logged, from which an extensive array of data sources can be queried and QC’d thus allowing meaningful reports to be produced.