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MESA is a leading edge software package that provides a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing onshore, offshore and transition zone survey design and planning.

Data acquisition is the foundation of the seismic lifecycle. It is, therefore, critical that accurate decisions are made from the start of the acquisition design process. In order to meet the challenges that come with the planning process, companies require flexible and robust survey design tools that provide accurate analysis to effectively image their subsurface targets.

ION’s MESA software addresses those needs for both land and marine projects by streamlining the survey design & planning process.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides advanced survey design and subsurface coverage analysis for land, marine and OBC survey designs, including multi-component and VSP surveys
  • Optimizes survey effectiveness through the analysis of a broad spectrum of geophysical attributes and field operation challenges
  • Offers fast and simple geologic modeling, ray tracing and target illumination analysis

MESA Suite of Software Packages

  • MESA Field – ideal for advanced 3D acquisition planning capability with a basic analysis package
  • MESA Professional – provides an extensive set of 3D acquisition tools for land, marine and OBC design, production tracking, geometry QC, design comparison, and GIS integration
  • MESA Expert – the ultimate 3D survey design tool with geologic modelling and raytracing, aperture calculations, including VSP design and downhole geometries

Latest Releases:

  • P1/11 export
  • KMZ export of bin attribute diagrams
  • Creation of GeoTIFF files from slope data

MESA 16.0

  • Shooting Template with Merged Towed Streamer and Fixed Receivers.
    • Combine towed streamer shooting with fixed nodes
  • Slope-derived Exclusion Zones
  • New Color-scales for Improved Data Comprehension
  • Marine Obstacle Avoidance
  • 4D Attributes
  • Label Shooting Enhancements
  • SimSurvey Interface

The latest MESA 15 release incorporates a number of new features and enhancements specifically aimed at streamlining the whole survey design process. The development focus for MESA 15 has been on adding marine and seabed functionality including simultaneous shooting, easier report generation, multiple MESA Expert upgrades, interactive raytracing, and a number of utility enhancements.