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Setting the industry standard for nearly 20 years and with more than 20 licenses globally, the Gator seabed navigation, Command & Control software is designed to meet the unique challenges of distributed, multi-vessel ocean bottom (OBC, OBN), transition zone (TZ), and electromagnetic (EM) data acquisition. The system is extremely flexible and is scalable to configure and control operations ranging from single vessels to highly complex, multi-vessel and multi-system projects.

Gator features include:

  • Real-time positioning, command and control for seabed operations
  • Improved efficiency
    • Survey-wide view of all vessels
    • Extremely flexible and scalable
    • Distributed data management and control, supporting a wide range of multi-vessel activities
    • Integration with the Marlin SIMOPS and ice-management system
  • Minimize acquisition costs
    •  Multi-vessel, auto-synchronized configuration supporting large vessel counts
    • Real-time operational planning and optimization based on field conditions
    • Cable asset mapping
    • ROV and “node-on-a-rope” support
  • Reduce HSE, operation and equipment failure risks
    • Extensive quality control and assurance measures
    • Automated diagnostics, QC and reporting
    • Rugged interfacing and radio solutions