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Seismic survey methods are being reevaluated and improved across the industry. Due to fluctuating oil and gas prices and a shrinking pool of human resources, oil and gas operators have been forced to rethink their business practices. New methods for connecting onshore and offshore personnel are being sought to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate HSE risks.

ION has developed a state of the art digital interface that allows all exploration software to be seamlessly connected via a centralized, secure, cloud-based data hub. The interface replaces the current manual seismic survey reporting methods and allows all  personnel, whether onshore or offshore, to monitor, analyze, and QC a seismic survey in real time.

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MESA is a leading edge software package that provides a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing onshore, offshore and transition zone survey design and planning.
MESA SimSurvey
ION's SimSurvey is a new add-on to MESA that provides a reliable time & motion and cost analysis functionality to the survey design and planning workflow.
Remote QC
ION's cutting-edge remote QC solution provides a fully automated alternative to traditional project management and monitoring techniques.
Orca is the industry standard in towed streamer command and control software. It is utilized on 2D, 3D, high-resolution and multi-vessel programs. 
Gator command and control software is designed for ocean bottom seismic, transition zone and electromagnetic acquisition.
Acquisition Optimization Services
ION is the leading provider of custom, infield acquisition services for optimizing marine seismic operations, including remote service solutions.
ION’s Marlin Marine Optimization Software increases safety, security and efficiency with full operational awareness in challenging environments.