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Imaging results you can trust begin with ION pre-processing technology.

ION pre-processing gives our clients the confidence to focus on model interpretation, knowing that the surveys, data quality, and imaging quality have all been harmonized and migrated to a common standard.  Customized data conditioning workflows and agile compute infrastructure enable ION to pre-process large data sets rapidly and accurately, making data conditioning a time-effective enhancement for amplitude-compliant migrated images.

Introducing Perseus, our industry-leading data processing engine.

Perseus is our exclusive peta-scale batch processing engine, capable of conditioning more than 100,000 square kilometers of seismic data for a single multi-client project with exceptional efficiency and minimal QC risk. 

The ION Advantage

Ensuring consistent, clean and amplitude-compliant data increases the success rate for model building across multiple datasets, delivering migrated images our clients can trust as a basis for making decisions.  ION data processing workflows effectively QC and pre-condition hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of input data quickly and accurately, applying QC, de-ghosting, phase, de-multiples, acquisition corrections and regularization requirements across any input data types.

Our proprietary peta-scale batch processing engine handles testing, production and QC of full-scope seismic data.

We improve the reliability of E&P operations with accurate, precise subsurface models via our comprehensive FWI toolkit.