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Better decisions begin with high-quality data.

A leading developer of Full Waveform Inversion technology, ION recognizes that better decisions depend on maximizing the value of seismic data. Our geological and geophysical experts are recognized as thought leaders in their fields, continually applying novel approaches and real-world results to help deliver successful exploration and production programs.


Image Uncertainty Estimation
Our clients reliably assess risk, validate testing and make exploration decisions with greater confidence with ION’s leading-edge Image Uncertainty Estimation technology.
FWI reduces risk and enables more effective exploration decisions, via advanced seismic imaging techniques that provide highly accurate models of the subsurface
Least Squares Migration
An advanced technique that are corrects for overburden effects and inconsistent seismic acquisition, improving the resolution and amplitude balance of migrated images and enabling more informed E&P decision making.
Data Conditioning
Maximize imaging results by improving legacy seismic data quality, via ION’s proprietary peta-scale batch processing.