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We have developed a state of the art, innovative solution that uses ocean-going buoys to power and communicate with sensor arrays for seabed seismic surveying. This buoy technology is applicable to the growing requirement for power a communication between sea surface and sea floor, for example, with seabed resident UAVs and ROVs.

The buoy houses a diesel generator and a battery bank to power the seafloor sensor cables. These buoys have completed several hundred thousand hours of reliable operation in the North Sea, GOM, and offshore Brazil in deep water. The buoy has a fully developed robust communication path to the in-water equipment through a triple layer armoured cable containing both power and high speed communications.

Data is then telemetered to a remote platform via a radio with a 20 km range. The generator is completely automatic with safety interlocks and the battery state of charge is automatically controlled. The generator will automatically switch off during periods of low demand and automatically start when the batteries reach a low state of charge.