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Integrated Streamer Recovery Device

The latest addition to ION’s towed streamer positioning portfolio, DigiLIFT, integrates an intelligent recovery device with DigiBIRD compass. Available as either a modification to an existing DigiBIRD II or as part of a new DigiBIRD II device, DigiLIFT allows the user to assign trigger depths in real-time via the existing FSK communication infrastructure (and to allow user-override of the triggering). DigiLIFT has a failsafe trigger depth of 100-meters – this cannot be overridden and does not require communication with the vessel – and it cannot be triggered above a depth of 10-meters, or on the surface.

  • Integral part of a DigiBIRD II device, therefore no additional devices required
  • Leverages FSK backbone for added flexibility in device triggering
  • User-override capability mitigates against false triggering
  • Trigger depths can vary from device to device
  • Failsafe operations with no communications requirement
  • Increased lift capacity at all depths versus existing SRD devices

Recharge kit allows actuated units to be refurbished at any location.