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Industry leading streamer steering system.

With over 25 systems deployed worldwide, DigiFIN is the most widely-used streamer steering system in operation today. Streamer steering systems deliver step-change improvements in marine data acquisition image quality, safety, and productivity.

DigiFIN operates on any seismic streamer equipped with industry standard communication coils. It also works in conjunction with ION’s command and control and positioning systems to automatically optimize acquisition in real-time.

Important DigiFIN Sales and Repair Information Patent Litigation Settlement with WesternGeco

Benefits of DigiFIN streamer steering:

  • Increased acquisition efficiency
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Improved repeatability
  • Denser spatial sampling
  • Reduced infill
  • Reduced risk of cable entanglement
  • Reduced risk around obstructions
  • Faster line changes
  • Faster deployment and retrieval