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Streamer Leveling Technology

Maintaining cables at a constant depth can improve the image quality and safety of marine data acquisition but is challenging due to variability introduced by ocean currents. ION’s universally compatible streamer leveling technology is used by virtually every seismic contractor and is proven to deliver:

  • Increased positional accuracy and flexibility through integration with acoustics and heading sensors
  • Industry-standard compass heading information
  • Fully-integrated acoustic network positioning to support full acoustic cross-bracing
  • Reduced HSE risk by enabling operator to surface or dive cables to avoid obstacles or tangles
  • Low maintenance and cost of ownership

New product enhancements further improve the toolkit’s safety, efficiency, and effectiveness:

  • A new battery and fuel gauge allow users to track energy usage, reducing risk and cost of work boat operations and battery storage and handling
  • A new, more energy efficient electronic module significantly extends battery life to 280 days, eliminating workboat operations for battery changes during most surveys
  • Enhanced motor and wing modules double the service life and warranty to 2 years

The flexible positioning portfolio provides precisely the capabilities to best meet your needs:

  • CompassBIRD II – Combines depth control with industry-standard heading measurements
  • Exportable CompassBIRD II – Combines depth control with exportable heading sensors
  • DigiBIRD II – Maintains depth control without heading sensor
  • AcousticBIRD II – Combines depth control with acoustic ranging

With proper on-board maintenance and certified repair and calibration, ION positioning systems can deliver reliable, precision performance for years to come.