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4000-297 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

Our 4000-297 Battery Pack is custom-designed for non-magnetic, rechargeable performance and coupled mechanically and electrically with DigiFIN, DigiBIRD, Speedlog and Velocimeter towed-streamer products, providing the user with an alternative power source for their existing fleet of model 5000 devices.

  • Ability to always start surveys with completely charged batteries
  • Eliminate the issues associated with shipping and storing conventional lithium primary batteries
  • Lower HSE risk
  • Can be charged while in the device via a newly-developed nose assembly

  • Designed to meet exacting performance and safety requirements
  • Additional charge connector on opposite end of battery pack
  • Easily distinguishable from other Lithium primary batteries by its blue color, its labeling, and the additional charge connector
  • Charging system has a provision to prevent unintentional installation of a conventional lithium battery pack.
  • The charge connector is electrically and physically different