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ION’s state of the art imaging technology is utilized on virtually every towed streamer survey to acquire superior data in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

ION is leading the digital transformation of marine seismic by designing our portfolio to work seamlessly as a single integrated system. Centrally controlling traditionally independent technologies can automatically optimize offshore operations in real-time. For example, predicting sea conditions can aid in pro-actively positioning the spread to meet ideal parameters. The automated approach reduces complexity, cycle time, and costs.

Advanced Towed Streamer Systems

  • Data acquisition systems – DigiSTREAMER enables customers to acquire low noise, cost-effective data in an environmentally-friendly manner with solid cables.
  • Positioning systems – ION’s DigiBIRD II depth control, DigiFIN lateral control, and DigiRANGE II acoustic ranging systems provide automated streamer steering and accurate positioning, critical to successful 3D and 4D projects.
  • Orca navigation system– Industry-leading applications for navigation, quality control and data management integrate data flows from multiple systems, ensuring better seismic data is acquired more intelligently while reducing costs and risks.
  • Marlin operations optimization – A rule based marine optimization software solution that combines temporal planning with spatial awareness


Positioning Systems
A comprehensive positioning portfolio of the most advanced and effective systems available today deployable on any cable, anywhere in the world, and in any number of configurations.
Key component of ION’s universally compatible portfolio to improve positional accuracy.
The latest addition to ION’s towed streamer positioning portfolio, DigiLIFT, integrates an intelligent recovery device with DigiBIRD compass.
A universally compatible streamer leveling technology used by virtually every seismic contractor
Acoustics in Deployment
Acoustic in Deployment technology improves safety and efficiency in towed streamer operations.
Lateral streamer control enables denser spatial sampling by maintaining tighter, more uniform cable separation and increases productivity with faster line changes and minimal infill.
Battery Pack
4000-297 lithium-ion battery pack custom designed for non-magnetic rechargeable performance.
This next-generation data acquisition system combines incompressible solid streamer technology with proven instrumentation for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly acquisition.