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The challenges the E&P industry faces today are far more complex than a generation ago, when conventional resources were more readily available. The hydrocarbons sought after today lie in deeper and more complicated geological structures that are often located in ecologically sensitive or harsh environments.

To find and develop future resources, ION specializes in creating innovative technologies and services that help solve our customers’ greatest imaging and operational challenges. Seismic contractors rely on our industry-leading marine imaging systems and services to acquire the highest quality data – safely and efficiently – in both towed streamer and seabed operations. Our integrated technology platforms combined with advanced prediction tools enable seismic data to be acquired intelligently, significantly reducing the risk and cost of offshore exploration.

“ION is an established leader in innovative and high-end technology in the marine geophysical industry. Our marine division develops intelligent equipment, controlled by our software to optimize the most complex marine operations” Dale Lambert, SVP Maritime Devices

Our state of the art technology has been designed to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Mitigate health, safety, and environmental risks
  • Improve seismic data quality
  • Reduce cycle time and costs