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Marlin SmartPort™

Marlin SmartPort optimizes your workflow and operations, raising your profit potential.

Marlin SmartPort’s efficiencies, accuracies and collaborative agilities reduce port management costs to increase performance and profitability.

  • Single-point, one-time data entry eliminates the need to repeatedly duplicate data, dramatically reducing the potential for errors
  • Streamlined port call processes save staff time, so your people can focus their precious resources on other critical tasks
  • Billing system digital interfaces feed time-stamped billable events data direct to your billing system
  • Port community portal provides key stakeholders direct, transparent access to a single, accurate database, ensuring transparency across the port call process

Marlin SmartPort empowers you to achieve your smartest port performance possible — reducing errors, removing inefficiencies, achieving seamless stakeholder collaboration and increasing productivity where it counts.

Marlin SmartPort in use at Montrose Port Authority


Marlin SmartPort – Port Management Solution Free Trial

Is your Port being challenged to keep your Port Community informed with vessel activities when personnel are working remotely and unable to easily access data?

With the current global pandemic work is required to be performed remotely, where possible, while the maritime industry still needs to keep vital supplies moving. The Marlin SmartPort solution has been specifically designed to share key information and, as a cloud-based solution, can be fully deployed with  zero footprint. To reduce pressure created by remote working, Marlin SmartPort enables you to share key port call information online with the entire Port Community.

ION recognizes the difficulty in Port sector, operations and finances, during this unprecedented time. To assist you, ION is offering a trial of Marlin SmartPort, entirely free of charge, for up to 90 days.

Sign up for a free trial here.

Marlin SmartPort Case Study – English

Marlin SmartPort Case Study – Spanish

Marlin SmartPort Case Study – Portuguese


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