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ION E&P Advisors maximize energy asset potential, applying strategic, commercial and technical expertise from opportunity identification through production.

Building a complete understanding the economic possibilities of an energy asset is the first step in a series of critical decisions.  From asset appraisals to development plans, choices made here can impact the financial performance of an oil or gas prospect for years to come.  Governmental agencies, capital institutions, and energy producers trust ION to provide accurate, actionable guidance to effectively monetize E&P opportunities worldwide.

ION E&P Advisors have worked with more than 40 national governments and NOCs, serving as a trusted commercial and strategic partner for reserve additions, production additions, and capital raises.  Collectively, the E&P Advisors leadership team has more than 80 years of experience in finding, producing and monetizing oil and gas opportunities worldwide.

We earn our reputation by applying our datasets, technology, and industry expertise to discover the underlying current and future value of oil and gas opportunities.  ION’s experienced advisors strategically apply seismic data, customized imaging techniques, and dedicated computational infrastructure as the foundation for unbiased, application-specific guidance.

Brian Horn
“ION E&P Advisors unlock commercial value through bespoke technologies and industry-leading expertise, deriving qualitative guidance from quantitative data.”

– Brian Horn, SVP, E&P Advisors, and Chief Geologist

E&P Advisors

Information parity ensures license round offerings are both commercially viable for operators, and financially beneficial to the national economy.
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