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ION has over 50 years of experience in developing mission-critical offerings and engineering services that enable operational navigation, communications and control in the marine environment.

  • Sensors
  • Acoustic measurement
  • In-water and surface navigation
  • Data telemetry
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Control devices
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering expertise

The ION Advantage

Our industry leading navigation, communications and sensor technologies enable the operations of the largest moving objects on the planet.

“Through experience gained in many years of designing, manufacturing and deploying marine towed streamer seismic systems, ION has developed a strong capability in control and positioning of in-water sensors and equipment. Some of these sensor arrays are the largest moving objects on the planet, the position of which has to be precisely controlled and measured. We are now diversifying our technology into other offshore markets where our innovative solutions can also be beneficial”, Dave Gentle, VP Business Development.

Model 321 Optical Magnetic Heading Sensor
A heading sensor that uses an optical encoder that is magnetically aligned to the earth’s North pole

An innovative foil based marine diverter designed to provide the control of gun strings to maintain even separation and improved source geometry

Mission critical optimization software with full situational awareness in congested operating environments

Surface to Seabed Power and Communications
A redeployable seabed monitoring system that is capable of operation in depths ranging from shallow water to 6500 ft.

Enterprise Level C2 and Operations Management for Port Security and Environmental Assessment – ION at ANTX 2019

Manufacturing Excellence

ION has a long established development hub in New Orleans, LA.  The New Orleans facility has a design, testing and manufacturing unit that boasts a long track record of producing in-water control and measurement devices and systems used in marine towed streamer and seabed seismic acquisition systems.