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ION is the company to trust for complex model estimation and imaging.

ION’s comprehensive suite of model estimation and migration technologies stand ready to meet our clients’ most complex imaging challenges worldwide.

Our history of advancing both land and marine imaging technology to meet the changing needs of our clients runs deep.  The comprehensive data toolkit fully integrates TTI and VTI anisotropy algorithms and WAZ concepts, refined over the course of thousands of operations. Continual advancement of processing capabilities, led by industry-recognized thought leaders, significantly increases seismic data value while reducing operational risk and cost.

For 2D and 3D data acquired offshore or on land, our advanced imaging services include:

  • Pre-stack Time Migration (PreSTM)
  • Pre-stack Depth Migration (PreSDM)
  • Reverse Time Migration (RTM)
  • Velocity Model Building
  • Real-time Model Morphing and Migration (RTM³)
  • Tomography
  • Waveform Inversion (FWI)
  • AZIM and OVT PreSTM
  • AVO/Inversion
  • 4D
  • Q Compensation Imaging

The ION Advantage

Complex modeling, as with LSTRM, FWI and AVO/Inversion, is our area of significant expertise.  Industry recognized subject matter experts have developed amplitude-compliant workflows, offering a high degree of understanding of subsurface features that earn our clients’ confidence in challenging formations worldwide.

Constraint Tomography

Advanced tomographic workflows deliver fast and accurate high-resolution subsurface models.

Full Waveform Inversion

Thought leadership combines with significant computational capacity to bring our clients detailed formation visualizations.

Least Squares Reverse Time Migration

Amplitude-compliant imaging makes accurate models of complex subsurface formations a value-added option for subsurface models.

Image Uncertainty Estimation

Custom workflows quantify and map structural uncertainty from PreSDM data, providing additional constraints for de-risking E&P activities.

Seismic Sound Off – With John Brittan

Full Waveform Inversion is evolving, not just in terms of algorithms and techniques, but also in understanding how best to use it to provide maximum value.
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