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ION Company-Wide Solutions accelerates decision-making, putting top-tier Imaging capabilities in your teams’ hands.

Nimble execution is a product of rapid, confident decisions.  Contracting imaging projects, including the data conditioning, model estimating and migration to a third party delivers high-quality results, but the tendering, contracting and approval processes can take the momentum out of upstream programs and keep it from realizing its full potential. Building out a proprietary software and compute solution presents significant challenges of utilization and scale. 

ION Company-Wide Solutions enables E&P operators to furnish their geophysical teams with customized, in-house imaging capabilities. We combine access to ION’s deep bench of expertise with industry-leading software and public and private cloud computing options, delivering a solution with benefits of both native teams and in-house contractors. 

The ION Advantage – Flexibility

No one understands your strategic goals better than your own staff.  ION Company-Wide Solutions gives in-house geophysical teams the tools and access to ION expertise that drive faster, higher-quality decisions that dovetail with corporate objectives. 

Take advantage of the flexibility to go where the data takes you, without being confined to a commercial imaging agreement that can preclude the use of advanced technologies to augment interpretation workflows.    ION Company-Wide Solutions offers a variety of software packages and algorithms, including velocity model scenario testing and Full Waveform Inversion for rock-property estimation.  Public cloud, ION’s private-cloud capacity, or your own infrastructure integrate seamlessly with ION Company-Wide Solutions to meet data residency, performance and utilization expectations.

Make the most of your native capabilities by adding ION’s industry renowned Imaging thought leadership as needed.  From short term on-call agreements to integrating ION experts into your teams, we add creativity, skill, and flexibility that delivers trustworthy results.

Imaging Creativity On Demand

ION Company-Wide Solutions makes it possible to integrate industry leading interpretation capabilities throughout the asset evaluation lifecycle.  The flexibility and control of our custom programs enable your team’s routine use of powerful imaging tools, for novel Imaging results that exactly suit the need at hand.

Data Access Anywhere, At Any Time

Get imaging results into the correct hands, wherever they are.  ION Portal, our real-time data tool, gives your team members the power to view and filter results throughout the processing and imaging workflow over a standard internet connection, adding portability to your decision-making processes.

Optimized Interpretation Workflows

As the line between imaging and interpretation becomes more blurred, ION enables operators to create their own accurate, highly detailed earth models with methods such as Full Waveform Inversion that integrate seamlessly with interpretation workflows.

Scenario Testing

Advanced model building tools can empower better outcomes in the field.  Ion Company-Wide Solutions scenario testing tools give clients the power to model multivariate acquisition programs, reducing acquisition cost while enhancing asset illumination.

Seismic Sound Off – With John Brittan

Full Waveform Inversion is evolving, not just in terms of algorithms and techniques, but also in understanding how best to use it to provide maximum value.
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