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ION’s client-driven innovation reduces risk, saves time, and enables better decisions.

Every imaging project is a balance of exploration, appraisal or production goals, execution performance, and ROI expectations.  Meeting these objectives with available data requires a customized approach, driven by thought leaders utilizing a fit-for-purpose toolset.  At ION, we earn our clients’ trust with models that enable confident exploration decisions.

We continually adapt to our clients’ Imaging objectives, using leading-edge infrastructure and novel workflows.  Our processing capacity and distribution continually evolve to incorporate the latest compute and private/cloud distribution strategies.  This flexibility enables ION to apply computationally-intensive imaging technology, including Least Squares Reverse Time Migration (RTM), high-frequency Full Waveform Inversion (FWI), and other workflows rapidly.

Because ION is also a leading developer of hardware, we apply lessons learned in the field to the maximum advantage of our Imaging clients.  As a manufacturer of ocean bottom deployment and recording systems, we understand the challenges and opportunities that OBS offers for offshore exploration.   Our imaging teams leverage the real-world experience of our hardware engineers, delivering a degree of insight that can only come from a company with deep expertise in both disciplines.

Company-Wide Solutions

Through our private-cloud infrastructure, we flexibly integrate advanced imaging technology and expertise into E&P organizations.

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Data Conditioning

Maximize imaging results by improving legacy seismic data quality, via ION’s proprietary peta-scale batch processing.

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Model Estimation and Migration

Leverage Constraint Tomography and Full Waveform Inversion to build computationally complex models you can trust.

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