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With complex and difficult plays becoming increasingly the norm, oil & gas companies continue to work toward finding new technologies in order to better discover and evaluate petroleum potential. Understanding the geology is the foundation of every successful exploration campaign, and at ION we offer a global portfolio of geologically derived programs on a regional scale that have set a new industry standard in the 2D and 3D multi-client arena.



BasinSPAN surveys have a long offset and are typically depth imaged to 40 km. The programs are custom designed by our geologists with regional expertise in an effort to answer macro geological questions.

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3D Data

ION has built on the deep geological knowledge and successes of its SPAN programs to create 3D products unparalleled in image quality. Using the latest geophysical techniques and geological understanding, ION’s 3D programs are changing the multi-client landscape and reducing time to first oil.

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2D Data

ION has geophysical superiority in processing and imaging that has been proven time and again in the quality of our 2D reprocessing and reimaging programs.

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