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Customized data conditioning workflows and agile compute infrastructure enable ION to pre-process large data sets rapidly and accurately, producing a high quality input for our amplitude-compliant migration algorithms. Our advanced processing workflows and meticulous quality control standards allow our clients to confidently focus on interpretation.

Our pre-processing suite of tools includes:

  • Land and marine                                  
  • Ocean bottom seismic (OBN/OBC)
  • Streamer (NAZ, WAZ, MWAZ, Coil)
  • AVO compliant flows
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • De-blending
  • De-ghosting
  • De-multiple, including SRME, IME, SPMA, apex-shifted, and shallow water expertise
  • Surface-consistent processing
  • Wide range of noise attenuation schemes
  • Survey merging
  • Regularization (3D, 4D, 5D)
  • Offset Vector Tile (OVT) processing
  • Multi-component