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ION’s extensive suite of model-building technologies allows us to meet our clients’ most complex imaging challenges worldwide. We are continually upgrading our unique workflows and algorithms for our earth modeling toolbox. Just as important as algorithms and workflows is the way we work. We find that a fully collaborative environment, which integrates ION’s geologists and geophysicists with clients, gives the best modeling and imaging results.

On the technology side, our proprietary FWI suite of solutions, along with our comprehensive tomography package, are just some of what we have developed for producing fine scale models of the subsurface. The models may be used to enhance structural imaging, and in reservoir characterization workflows.

Our ultimate goal is to understand each client’s specific needs for their project, whether they are in the stage of exploration, appraisal or development, and to provide customized, optimal solutions.

ION’s model building toolbox includes:

  • Integration of geology and geophysics
  • Multi-azimuth tomography
  • Structural and well log constraints for tomography and FWI
  • Anisotropic property estimation (VTI, TTI, Orthorhombic, multi-azimuth)
  • Q-tomography, Q-FWI, Q-migration

Full suite of FWI tools for:

  • High-resolution images of subsurface properties
  • Diving waves and reflections
  • Better structural imaging
  • Data input for Reservoir Characterization workflows
  • Understanding highly compartmentalized reservoir units
  • Identifying shallow hazards, such as gas pockets

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