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Recover investments faster, while reducing cycle time and risk.

ION enables E&P companies to better appraise and develop reservoirs, increasing production over the lifetime of the asset.  We are leading integrators of geophysical, geological, petrophysical rock physics information to identify lithology, fluid, or fracture intensity within hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Our breadth of services enable new energy insights.

Our reservoir services offerings include: 

  • Rock Physics Studies
  • Inversions
  • AVO
  • Attribute Analysis
  • Fracture Detection
  • Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Interpretation
  • Reservoir Management
  • Pore Pressure Prediction
  • VSP Processing & Interpretation

The ION Advantage

ION expertise ranges from AVO/Inversion projects on P-wave and multi-component seismic, to complete interpretations of large 3D projects and building static models for reservoir characterization.  We can customize an application-specific solution that will reduce cycle time, reduce risk, and facilitate faster investment recovery.