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Make better exploration and development decisions by leveraging our expertise.

ION E&P Advisors understand firsthand the factors that are critical to exploration and development success, based on our experts’ worldwide experience drilling wells and developing discoveries.  We combine this hard-earned expertise with our proprietary reservoir characterization technologies, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions based on all available data.

Get results with expert guidance, backed by innovative tools and workflows.

Our global teams integrate datasets, technologies and disciplines to build robust static and dynamic geocellular models.  These models facilitate better decisions across the exploration and development space, including;

  • Play identification;
  • Regional play-fairway analysis;
  • Common risk segment mapping;
  • Dry-hole analysis;
  • Prospect and lead identification and risking;
  • Deterministic and probabilistic quantitative assessment.

The ION Advantage

ION E&P Advisors leverage the full complement of ION Geophysical technologies and expertise building reliable data models that facilitate high quality decision-making.  With access to expertise that spans modeling, interpretation and consultancy, ION E&P Advisors delivers insights that are not available from other service providers.