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Reduce uncertainties and mitigate development risks before operations begin.

ION E&P Advisors enables operators to reduce subsurface, commercial and operational risk before FID decisions are made, ensuring that all well and full-field appraisal plan objectives can be met from the outset of operations.  We work in operating environments from land to deepwater offshore, for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Optimize the field’s value by exploring multiple development scenarios.

Our Field Development Plans (FDPs) consider all aspects of an opportunity, driving quality decision-making by evaluating:

  • Economic Performance;
  • EUR [need to spell this out];
  • Operational flexibility and scalability;
  • CAPEX and OPEX;
  • Technical and financial risks.

The ION Advantage

ION E&P Advisors’ facilities and cost engineers work closely with ION’s reservoir modelling team, to ensure that forecast rates, ultimate recovery, and cost profiles can be delivered as designed.