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The challenges the E&P industry faces today are far more complex than a generation ago, when conventional resources were more readily available. The hydrocarbons sought after today lie in deeper and more complicated geological structures that are often located in ecologically sensitive or harsh environments.

Developing technologies to locate these reservoirs safely and efficiently is critical not only to the future of the E&P industry, but also to meet the increasing energy demand. To find and develop tomorrow’s resources, ION specializes in creating innovative towed streamer technologies and services that help solve our customers’ greatest imaging and operational challenges.

For the most challenging seismic programs, the industry turns to ION’s Acquisition Consultants to optimize the entire planning and acquisition process. To date, ION experts have been instrumental in designing and managing more than 100 4D and wide azimuth surveys around the world.

The ION Advantage

ION’s state of the art imaging technology is utilized on virtually every towed streamer survey to acquire superior data in the safest, most efficient manner possible. Our integrated technology platforms combined with advanced prediction tools enable seismic data to be acquired intelligently, significantly reducing the risk and saving millions of $ in acquisition costs and time.

ION’s Advanced Towed Streamer Systems include:

  • Data acquisition systems – DigiSTREAMER enables customers to acquire low noise, cost-effective data in an environmentally-friendly manner with solid cables.
  • Seismic source technology – ION’s new Gemini Extended Frequency Source technology provides a broadband source solution that generates lower frequencies, enabling customers to produce more accurate images in complex, high contrast geologies
  • Positioning systems – ION’s DigiBIRD II depth control, DigiFIN lateral control, and DigiRANGE II acoustic ranging systems provide automated streamer steering and accurate positioning, critical to successful 3D and 4D projects.
  • Orca navigation system – Industry-leading applications for navigation, quality control and data management integrate data flows from multiple systems, ensuring better seismic data is acquired more intelligently while reducing costs and risks.
  • Marlin operations optimization – A rule based marine optimization software solution that combines temporal planning with spatial awareness