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ION is transforming Ocean Bottom Seismic through a unique combination of hardware and software intelligence. This combination increases the value of the OBS data, reduces the QHSE exposure during acquisition operations and improves the economics of OBS, making it commercially viable in a greater range of fields.

An integrated, multidisciplinary approach has drawn on ION’s strengths in seismic equipment and sensor technologies, command & control software systems and seismic imaging capabilities to deliver an innovative solution.

“ION’s 4Sea system is taking OBS performance to the next level and giving customers the competitive edge through hardware and software intelligence in the rapidly growing seabed market”, Chris Usher, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, E&P Operations Optimization at ION.

Key Benefits

  • Increased value of OBS data
  • Reduced HSE exposure
  • Improved economics

Gemini™ Extended Frequency Source

  • Enhanced spectral content, especially at frequencies <4Hz 
  • Broadband source that is more environmentally friendly
  • Easy and less costly to deploy and operate

4Sea Components

  • MESA SimSurvey -Optimize survey parameters, including cost, operational and technical aspects, with rapid simulation of multiple scenarios.
  • Marlin -A rule-based marine optimization solution that combines temporal planning with spatial awareness.
  • OBN Deploy/Retrieve System – Developed in partnership with Evotec Marine Handling Technology, a node-agnostic design which provides automated deployment and retrieval operations at 5+ knots.
  • Sensors -Market-leading sensor technologies deliver high-quality, broadband data.
  • SailWing – An innovative foil-based marine diverter for smart and efficient source towing.
  • Trident MMO System -A small, volumetric array providing accurate 3D detection, localization and tracking of marine mammals in real-time.
  • Automated OBN QA/QC System – Integrated, comprehensive, configurable and easy-to-use tools and workflows that provide a paradigm shift in automated QA/QC capabilities and data delivery.