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HOUSTON and DUBAI, March 31 – 10AM GST – Input/Output, Inc. (NYSE: IO) held its inaugural Middle East Seismic Technology Forum, “Geophysics, From Planning to Final Image”, on February 21 – 23, 2005 in Dubai. The I/O sponsored forum brought together nearly 50 executives and technical representatives from leading oil & gas companies, seismic acquisition contractors and research institutes to share knowledge on current industry trends and to discuss developments in next-generation seismic technologies, including digital full-wave imaging.

Dr. Maciej Gorski, Chief Operating Officer of Geofizyka Torun, the international seismic contractor, stated, “This event gave us the opportunity to network with other key players and to discuss emerging technologies. We generated some very interesting ideas for the future.”

Jorge Machnizh, President of I/O’s Imaging Systems Group, commented on the rationale for hosting the forum, “The Middle East plays a significant role in the global energy market and I/O was honoured to host this seminar for domestic and international companies in the region. This forum is just one example of how we are ensuring that our developments in seismic imaging solutions align directly with the business needs and growth demands in the Middle East, and meet the requirements of both seismic contractors and E&P operators.”

The event provided an opportunity for current and prospective customers to hear case studies from experts including Dr. Chris Walker, Chief Technology Officer of RXT (a newly-founded acquisition contractor focused on redeployable acquisition from the ocean bottom) and Peter Duncan, President of Microseismic, Inc. Roundtable discussions focused on new seismic technologies that have the potential to significantly improve exploration success rates and hydrocarbon recovery. Several of the presentations focused on the unique benefits made possible by digital full-wave imaging, which include improved subsurface image quality and increased field operational efficiencies for both land and seabed acquisition.

I/O believes that digital full-wave imaging represents the next era in seismic technology and is poised to guide the industry’s exploration, appraisal, development, and production efforts in highly prospective regions like the Middle East. According to Jorge Machnizh, “Highly variable, near-surface velocity zones like sand dunes, buried wadis, and cemented surfaces make acquisition of high-resolution seismic data difficult. The foundation technologies of full-wave, including wide azimuth survey designs, single-point

sensors and the application of advanced processing techniques, can greatly enhance the final images delivered to the oil and gas companies.”

With ongoing projects in Algeria, Oman, Kuwait and Iraq, I/O is becoming increasingly active in the broader Middle East region.

I/O intends to conduct regular forums in the Middle East. A second I/O sponsored forum is planned for early 2006 to facilitate ongoing discussions about how emerging seismic technologies may offer reliable solutions to the imaging challenges across the region.

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