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Clients see exclusive preview of I/O’s newest System Four Analog Cable seismic imaging platform

BEIJING – February 18, 2004 – Input/Output, Inc. (NYSE: IO) announced today its First Annual China Forum held in XiaMen, Fujian, China. I /O’s China Forum brings together more than 100 representatives of leading oil and gas companies and oil field service companies to share knowledge on current industry trends, drive developments in next generation technologies and build closer collaboration within the energy industry. The Forum provides the backdrop for prospective customers in the region to see first-hand I/O’s newest seismic imaging solutions and their application in full-wave digital imaging. Customers present case studies, which highlight the improvements in image quality and field efficiencies that are enabled by I/O technologies.

Commenting on the Forum, David Meng, I/O’s Chief Representative in China, said, “China is a very important region in the global energy market, and I/O is pleased to host this exclusive group of oil and gas leaders including domestic and international oil companies and major geophysical companies. The I/O China Forum is another way we are driving closer collaboration across the industry and ensuring that our developments in next generation technologies are aligning directly with business needs and growth demands in China, as well as other international markets. With the significant benefits our customers gain through the use of I/O’s System Four compared to those acquired using traditional technologies, we want to ensure we provide opportunities for customers to gain insights on best practices in applying the technologies.”

The I/O System Four Analog Cable central recording platform enables seismic contractors to obtain best-in-class, single component pressure wave data on behalf of their oil company customers. In addition, the platform’s flexible architecture provides a seamless migration pathway to full wave, multicomponent data acquisition, which ultimately enables oil company clients to obtain the highest quality images for subsurface analysis and reservoir characterization.

I/O is the major independent provider of seismic equipment and acquisition imaging technology for land, marine, and seabed applications. In addition, through its GMG/AXIS
group, I/O offers specialty seismic processing services, including anisotropic imaging, that allow oil companies to more accurately image subsurface features in petroleum reservoirs. The company’s technologies are applied in traditional 2D and 3D surveys along with rapidly growing areas like time-lapse 4D reservoir monitoring and full-wave, multicomponent data acquisition. I/O has offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Russia and the Middle East. Additional information about Input/Output, Inc. is available at


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Pamela Griffin
I/O Corporate – USA