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HOUSTON, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — GX Technology Corporation (GXT),
a leading seismic imaging services provider and a subsidiary of Input/Output,
Inc. (NYSE: IO), announced today the completion of its latest basin-scale
seismic program, IndiaSpan. The program provides high-resolution images of
all the major basins off the east and west coasts of India, many of which have
produced giant gas discoveries over the last five years.

V.K. Sibal of the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons in New Delhi
commented, “As E&P activity in India continues to gain momentum, the country
has a desire to attract and apply cutting-edge technology for oil & gas
exploration in India’s deep offshore waters. IndiaSpan provides a
comprehensive structural framework for our key marine petroleum systems and is
vital for global E&P companies participating in the region.”

Mick Lambert, President of GX Technology, added, “GXT is focused on
delivering our Span programs in major hydrocarbon-producing areas worldwide
and is proud to add IndiaSpan to our data library. Working closely with
regional experts, the program was custom designed to offer E&P companies
valuable insights into this under-explored offshore region. We look forward
to continuing to work in the region to help our customers extract the maximum
value from IndiaSpan and to provide them with advanced processing services
related to this dataset and other seismic datasets they may acquire in
offshore India.”

IndiaSpan is comprised of approximately 17,000 km of 2D marine data, of
which approximately 10,500 km is along India’s east coast. The seismic data
acquisition involved long offsets of 10,000 meters, record lengths of 18
seconds, and a specially designed seismic source to illuminate the basin and
rift architecture of the Indian Margin. GXT will use its advanced processing
and depth imaging technologies to deliver the structural framework in the
depth domain. With each data set, clients will receive an interpretation
report prepared by regional experts and designed to help identify potential
play types and exploration prospects in the area.

About Spans

GXT Spans are basin-wide, ultra-deep seismic data libraries that are
acquired and imaged using the most advanced geological and geophysical
technology available. Spans are custom designed to provide a holistic
understanding of petroleum systems including source rock deposition, migration
paths, sediment fairways, and reservoir trapping mechanisms. GXT Spans exist
for the Gulf of Mexico, the margin of West Africa and for offshore basins in
Colombia, India, Canada and the Caribbean. More Spans are planned for key
petroleum provinces around the world.

The information included herein contains forward-looking statements within
the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of
the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Actual results may vary fundamentally
from those described in these forward-looking statements. All forward-looking
statements reflect numerous assumptions and involve a number of risks and
uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include risk factors that are
disclosed by I/O from time to time in its filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission.

About GX Technology

GX Technology (GXT), a subsidiary of I/O, is a leading provider of
advanced seismic imaging solutions to oil & gas companies worldwide. GXT’s
Image-Driven(TM) solutions include: seismic data processing services, such as
state-of-the-art depth migration, reverse time migration, and full-wave
imaging; multi-client seismic data libraries, including basin-wide Span(TM)
seismic programs; software and services for seismic survey design, geophysical
analysis, and reservoir modeling; and start-to-finish seismic imaging programs
that encompass survey planning, field acquisition, and final image rendering.
GXT is a Houston-based company that operates 8 regional service centers

About I/O

I/O is a leading, technology-focused seismic solutions provider. The
company provides cutting-edge seismic acquisition equipment, software,
planning and seismic processing services and data libraries to the global oil
and gas industry. I/O’s technologies are applied in both land and marine
environments, in traditional 2D and 3D surveys, and in rapidly growing areas
like time-lapse (4D) reservoir monitoring and full-wave imaging. Headquartered
in Houston, Texas, I/O has regional offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe,
China, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Additional information is available
at .

Kelly Kline
Director, Marketing Communications – I/O
Phone: +1 281.879.3593

SOURCE Input/Output, Inc.