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HOUSTON, Nov 6, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Input/Output, Inc. (NYSE: IO),
through its wholly-owned subsidiary Applied MEMS, Inc. (Applied MEMS) announced
today that it has been selected by Continuum Photonics, Inc. to develop the core
micro-electrical-mechanical (MEMS) components of Continuum’s DirectLight(TM)
line of optical switches. Applied MEMS offers world-class, high-volume,
automated MEMS fabrication services and custom MEMS packaging services for a
wide range of applications. Continuum’s innovative and patent-pending
DirectLight(TM) switching technology offers significant performance, reliability
and cost advantages over competing products in optical networking applications.

Dr. Howard Goldberg, Business Development Manager for Applied MEMS said, “We are
delighted to be working with Continuum Photonics, a leading-edge technology
innovator and solutions provider.” Dr. Goldberg continued, “We consider this a
unique opportunity to help develop a breakthrough technology, while
simultaneously furthering our strategy of becoming the foundry partner of choice
for end users of MEMS.”

“We were seeking a partner who could work with us through advanced development
and proceed directly into production. Applied MEMS was the only one that
consistently met all of the business and technology requirements to become our
strategic partner,” said Dr. Aaron Bent, President of Continuum. Dr. Bent also
added, “It was evident that Applied MEMS’ expertise in both the development and
volume production of complex MEMS structures that require bulk micromachining,
made them the obvious choice for developing our DirectLight(TM) photonic switch

About MEMS. MEMS are highly miniaturized devices that integrate a number of
functions including fluidics, optics, mechanics and electronics on a single
silicon chip using techniques similar to traditional integrated circuit process
technology. MEMS merges sensing, actuating and computing into miniature systems
that enable enhanced levels of perception, control and performance. Example
applications include optical switching devices developed for telecommunications;
RF devices used in mobile hand held-devices; handheld DNA analysis products for
biotechnology companies; advanced sensor technology, such as that used for
airbag deployment for the automotive industry; and HDTV quality projection
displays on a chip developed by component electronics companies.

About Applied MEMS. Applied MEMS, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Input/Output, Inc., has operated a 35,000 sq. ft. MEMS manufacturing facility in
Stafford, TX since 1997, that includes a world-class, high-volume, automated
six-inch wafer fabrication facility; a custom packaging facility; and
test/characterization capabilities that are dedicated to MEMS product
development and production. Applied MEMS employs more than 25 MEMS professionals
experienced in the design, fabrication, packaging and testing of MEMS products
and systems. Over 22 patents have either been issued to Applied MEMS or are
pending, covering key MEMS product designs and manufacturing process elements.
Applied MEMS offers integrated foundry services for fabless MEMS product
vendors; the Si-Flex(TM) product line, which represents the lowest-noise
commercial MEMS accelerometer currently available; and the DuraScan(TM)
micro-mirror technology for beam positioning, optical switching, and display
applications. More information about Applied MEMS can be found at or contact us at .

About Input/Output, Inc. Input/Output, Inc. is an industry leader in seismic
acquisition imaging technology for land, marine, transition zone exploration,
production and reservoir monitoring. The Company specializes in technology that
creates value for the energy industry in the areas of 2D, 3D, 4D and
multi-component seismic data. Input/Output incorporates MEMS technologies into
its new VectorSeis(TM) product, a three-component sensor for oil and gas
exploration. Additional information on Input/Output, Inc. is available at , or contact us at .

About Continuum Photonics, Inc. Headquartered within Boston’s high-tech beltway,
staffed by a talented team of experienced, innovative technologists and business
executives and utilizing its expertise in smart materials and micro-control
systems, Continuum is developing a suite of unique and value- added optical
networking components and subsystems. These products will enhance the
flexibility and reliability of optical networks by offering equipment
manufacturers capabilities that are not otherwise available. With extensive
product development experience in a variety of industries, including aerospace,
automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, and the military, Continuum’s
products have been proven under the most rigorous durability and reliability
testing imaginable. Continuum continues to push the cutting edge to bring value
to the optical networking market and its customers. For more information about
Continuum, call (978) 670-4910, send email to or
visit our web site at .

SOURCE Input/Output, Inc.

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