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  • Edinburgh, Scotland: Concept Systems is pleased to announce that BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation (referred to as “BGP”), a Chinese geophysical services contractor, has purchased the Gator integrated navigation and data management system, regarded as the de facto industry standard for ocean bottom seismic data acquisition operations. Initially BGP will deploy the system on a project for Saudi Aramco in the Gulf of Arabia.

The purchase is Concept’s first Gator sale in China and the company’s first deal with BGP, which is rapidly emerging as a major player in the seismic industry worldwide. The company is supplying its Gator OBC (ocean bottom cable) system to BGP with two years support and engineering, including a crew training programme at Concept’s HQ in Edinburgh and in the field for specific projects. Hardware and software is due for delivery in March 2004 and will be operational within a few months of the delivery. Over the last few years, Concept’s business in China has focused on the company’s Spectra navigation system for towed streamer marine seismic surveys.

Alastair Hay, managing director, Concept Systems, said: ‘We are excited about this Gator OBC contract and the opportunity to work as a technology partner with BGP, the new major force in seismic acquisition with ambitions to grow its international presence.’

In multi-vessel OBC operations which typically involve seabed cable movements as well as shooting and recording of seismic data, Gator OBC offers the only available ‘command and control’ solution that can continuously integrate all vessel positions into a central data management system during the course of the survey. Gator is used on a fleet-wide basis by the majority of contractors with OBC capability around the world, and is widely acknowledged for its efficiency and safety benefits.

About the companies

BGP has 25 offices established outside China in North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and various parts of the Asian continent. It has had land seismic acquisition crews operating in 16 different countries working in every kind of environment including complex mountains, deserts, swamps, transition zones, jungles and plains. In China BGP operates over 60 seismic and seven VSP (vertical seismic profile) crews.

Concept Systems, an Input/Output company, provides advanced IT solutions, products and services for the oil exploration and production industry. The company’s solutions extend well beyond its original focus on integrated navigation systems and now encompass data acquisition, survey command and control, planning, data management, and geophysical services, for 2D, 3D and 4D seismic survey in marine, OBC and land operations.

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