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Oceans in Actions focuses on emerging technologies – bringing together federal, state, local, and private organizations for presentations, business-to-business/business-to-government meetings, exhibits of the latest technology, and pier-side demonstrations in association with the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise Gulf Coast and Port of Gulfport. This year, details on the programs associated with the newly awarded Gulf Coast Tech Bridge will be highlighted. 

The newly added Port Security Summit, hosted by the Port of Gulfport, Mississippi, will examine key security and logistic measures needed to transport cargo as one of 17 strategic seaports in the nation, highlighting emerging technology within the maritime and port security industry. With increased traffic and cargo moving through ports each day, ports are particularly vulnerable to security threats, creating the need for a wide range of security tools from cybersecurity to physical security to defend and reduce the impact of potential threats to port operations.

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ION experts will showcase Marlin SmartPort, the company’s digital port solution that enables ports to effectively manage their port calls, from initial booking by an agent or vessel to final invoicing – all through a single, easy-to-use portal. Marlin SmartPort plays a critical role in improving ports’ security, enabling stakeholders to react quickly to mission-critical insights. 

Todd Neely, ION’s Business Development Director, will be giving a talk on Port Digitalization: Securely Handling Data and Its Cargo on Thursday, March 10 at 3:20 pm. 

ION has over 50 years of experience developing mission-critical offerings and engineering services for operational navigation, communications, and control in the marine environment. Visit our booth to learn more about our Marine Technology and Innovation division’s latest developments. 

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