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MATS 2019 welcomes a broad roster of speakers and exhibitors from across industry, academia, and government organizations. Each day of the showcase – hosted in the Southampton quayside marquee – leading figures from the world of marine autonomy and technology will take to the stage to present on innovative, disruptive technologies, as well as discussions focusing on current developments, future priorities and challenges for the sector.

Join us at MATS to learn how ION develops mission-critical offerings and engineering services that enable operational control and optimization in the marine environment. Our technical experts will be available onsite to demonstrate how ION provides intelligent equipment by utilizing unique sensor technologies, hydrodynamic control devices and automation through systems integration.

Time & Location
Co-ordination of Multiple Marine Assets for Port Security – ANTX ’19 Exercise
Dave Gentle, VP Marine Technologies
Wednesday, 13 Novmeber 11:20 am