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Intermodal Africa continues to be the biggest annual ports, shipping, and transport logistics exhibition and conference on the African continent, now in its 27th successful year.

The 27th Intermodal Africa 2022 Exhibition and Conference will take place in Senegal from Tuesday, June 28 to Thursday, June 30 at the King Fahd Palace Hotel Dakar.

The event is honoured to be hosted by the Port Autonome de Dakar (PAD)/Port Authority of Dakar and is fully supported by DP WORLD.

ION experts will be showcasing the company’s Maritime Monitoring, Management, and Surveillance solution, Marlin™. The maritime monitoring solution from ION allows for real-time visibility of any vessel or ship in a country’s territorial waters. Marlin works in conjunction with the country’s existing infrastructure to provide actionable insights that enable authorities to identify risks or illegal activities and devise appropriate maritime law enforcement actions.

The platform allows users to create an observation zone with detailed insights into vessel activity by utilizing a variety of data sources, including AIS, over-the-horizon radar, and satellite data.

With Marlin, threats to safety, security, the environment, and the economy are monitored and managed across the entire marine domain.