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*This event has officially been postponed.

82nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition |Decemeber 8-11 

The EAGE Annual 2020, the 82nd Conference & Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience event in the world. The event includes a large conference − in total over 1,000 technical oral and e-Poster presentations, and a technical exhibition presenting the latest developments in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering and a large conference. The EAGE expects around 350 exhibitors and 6,500 delegates from all over the world.

RAI Centre | Amsterdam

ION Stand #2310

Time & Location
Acoustic FWI for Salt and Sub-salt Update from Simple Initial Models C. Wang*, P. Farmer, C. Calderon, I. Jones & J. Brittan (ION) Sunday, June 7 9:40 AM
High Resolution Velocity and Impedance Estimation Using Refraction and Reflection FWI Y> Cabo, J. Singh, C. Calderon, J. Chigbo, S. Chi, T. Burley & I. Jones* (ION) Monday, June 8 11:00 AM
Enhanced Low Frequency Signal-to-noise Characteristics of an Airgun Technology Based Source J. Brittan*, P. Farmer, D. Brookes, N. Bernistas & T> Dudley (ION) Friday, June 12 12:05 PM
Time & Location
Model building in complex, high impedance-contrast geological situations using low-frequency data from optimised airgun technology based source John Brittan*, Yannick Cobo, Paul Farmer, Chao Want & David Brookes (ION) Tuesday, June 9 1:55 PM
Room E104
Visual identification of noisy seismic records with machine learning J. Walpole*, T. Hallett, E. Brown & J. Brittan (ION) Wednesday, June 10 1:55 PM
Room Elicium 1
Quasi-elastic full-waveform velocity inversion with density constraints S. Greenwood, V. Valler*, T. Hallett, C. Wang & I. F. Jones (ION); C. Hanitzsch & B. van de Bilt (Wintershall Dea) Wednesday, June 10 4:45 PM
Room E102
Waveform inversion methodology for deep structural imaging offshore Norway J. Singh, L. Braidwood, V. Valler, R. C. Wang & I. F. Jones* (ION); Bekkeheien & O. Michot (OMV Norge) Thursday, June 11 1:55 PM
Room E102
Time & Location
The influence of source wavelet-estimation error in acoustic time domain full waveform inverssion P. Pavlopoulou & I. F. Jones* (ION) Tuesday, June 9 1:30 PM
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