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Following an industry-wide shift towards digitalization, ION has worked in close collaboration with core customers to develop a solution that connects data from various sources into one integrated platform. Near real-time syncing of acquisition data to a centralized hub provides various levels of QC to offshore and onshore users, improving collaboration and supporting decision making with a quick turnaround.

By connecting established software, workflows can be streamlined, increasing the operational efficiency of offshore resources. When combined with digital dashboards, this solution presents remote project stakeholders with various levels of reporting on survey progress updates, navigation attributes, and sequence acceptance/warnings in relation to contractual specs.

During the webinar, we demonstrated how our connected software solutions improve data management, enable real-time QC, and aid decision making for effective seismic survey acquisition.

Presented by Rosie Andrews
Director, Optimization Services, ION

Rosie Andrews joined ION 10 years ago, working offshore on complex 3D and 4D streamer operations, supporting clients and contractors in acquisition planning. She has since moved to various onshore posts, including Services Manager for the team of offshore specialists, Project Manager for remote QC and logistics operations, and recently became Services Director within ION.


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