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The Colombia Caribe 2D Program provides a regionally calibrated and consistently imaged 2D dataset across the Colombian Deepwater Basin, the Magdalena Fan and complex fold belts along the margin. These reimaged data provide an unprecedented perspective of the offshore Colombia subsurface. Structural and stratigraphic trends can now be more confidently interpreted across the entire basin. The results of this re-imaged data have also provided additional insights into the crustal architecture within the region, as well as highlighting some new areas of prospectivity in the basin.

Presented by:

Antara Goswami Senior Geologist, ION

Antara is a Senior Geologist for ION Geophysical Corp. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Pune in India and her Professional Master’s degree in Geology from Rice University. She has led interpretation and integration teams for regional projects in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Panama and Colombia in the Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific coast of Central America.

Kyle Reuber, PhD Senior Geologist, ION

Kyle is a Geologist for ION’s team based in Houston. His primary areas of focus are Latin America and the Caribbean. Kyle’s remit primarily consists of designing ION SPAN programs and regional interpretation projects that integrate the regional 2D SPAN and available reprocessed vintage datasets. Kyle earned his Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Wright State University and a PhD from the University of Houston. Kyle has recently won the “2019 Best Paper Award from the SEG Interpretation Journal” and the “2019 Grover E. Murray Best Published Paper Award in the GeoGulf Transactions Volume.”

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