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The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), in conjunction with the Colombian Association of Petroleum Geologists and Geophysicists (ACGGP), will host the 2022 International Conference and Exhibition (ICE), April 19-22.

Centro de Convenciones de Cartagena de Indias
Cartagena, Colombia

Visit with ION experts live at ION Stand #17–18 during exhibition hours:

Tuesday April 19, 18:00–19:30 (Opening Reception)
Wednesday April 20, 9:00–18:00
Thursday April 21, 9:00–18:00
Friday April 22, 9:00–13:00

Learn how our best-in-class programs and services can assist with your E&P goals.

Offshore Brazil
Our Picanha 3D multi-client reprocessing program unifies 115, previously discrete, standalone surveys into one seamless, contiguous regional 3D seismic volume in offshore Brazil. The program covers an unprecedented 275,000 sq km that sets a strong foundation for an offshore exploration and production strategy in the region.

Offshore Colombia
ION’s newly reprocessed ~60,000 km Colombia Caribe 2D seismic data provides the ideal platform to support renewed exploration efforts in Colombia after recent gas discoveries. The multi-client program provides seamless, contiguous offshore seismic data in the Uraba, Sinu, Guajira, and Colombian basin areas.

UK Mid North Sea High
The MNSH Prime 3D multi-client program covers ~11,530 sq km of the entire Zechstein play fairway in the UK Mid North Sea High, revealing the hydrocarbon potential of the complex and highly variable Intra-Zechstein plays on the flanks of the European Permian Basin.

Offshore Mauritania
The Mauritania 3D is a multi-client reimaging program that covers ~19,000 sq km of the Mauritanian offshore coastal basin. The 3D dataset is comprised mostly of multiple contiguous vintage surveys that is consistently reimaged to create a semi-continuous regional volume from field tapes to PSDM. The initial phase combines up to 11 separate surveys with completion expected by mid-2022.

Custom Imaging Services
Our Imaging and Reservoir Services team combines their comprehensive suite of advanced velocity modeling and imaging technologies with their extensive global experience to deliver enhanced subsurface images. We have one of the industry’s most experienced teams of geoscience professionals, who collaborate with clients to solve their most difficult imaging challenges. In addition to proprietary projects, the team produces high-quality multi-client 2D, 3D and 4D datasets from basins around the world.

Scalable, Affordable Cloud Computing
Building upon our proprietary expertise in parallel scientific computing, we are in the final phases of delivering our new Imaging AnyWare™ cloud-native platform that provides data processing teams access to flexible and scalable compute capacity at an affordable cost. The platform enables breakthrough development speed combined with optimized compute performance that will deliver superior imaging results in greatly reduced turnaround times.

We look forward to seeing you at ICE 2022 in Cartagena!

ION Presentations
The Online Program will be delivered on-demand after the conference dates, and will be offered to in-person participants as well as those registering for online-only access.
Offshore Colombia: Crustal Structure and Evidence of Intra-Plate Spreading in the Central Caribbean
Kyle Reuber, Antara Goswami and Chuck Campbell – ONLINE Only
The Structure and Deformation of Accretionary Foldbelts in Offshore Colombia: New Insights from Regional Reprocessed Data in the Caribbean
Antara Goswami, Kyle Reuber and Chuck Campbell – ONLINE Only
Join ION’s Gladys Perez as she chairs a session with Ricardo Rosa Fernandes – “Seismic Data Acquisition/Processing and QI”
Theme 4, Thursday, April 21 from 13:50-17:35 in Salon Barahona 4

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