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ION is Proud to Sponsor the 3rd EAGE Conference on Offshore Mexico Exploration & Development

October 25-27, 2021, to be held in a fully virtual format.

The conference will focus on the integrated value chain from Exploration to Development covering topics such as regional to block-scale geological evaluations, geophysical methods, technology and interpretation, subsurface or operational uncertainties and risks, drilling practice and technology, development concepts and solutions, engineering, sustainable operations and reservoir management. 

We invite you to hear ION’s Director of Geophysical Operations, Ms. Ika Novianti’s presentation “Improving Seismic Imaging using Parallel Workflows and FWI: A Mexico Deepwater Example”. Ms. Novianti will present in the Geophysics, Acquisition, Processing and Imaging Session taking place on Wednesday, October 27, from 10:00 AM – 10:20 AM CDT.

3rd EAGE Conference Website

3rd EAGE Conference Agenda

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