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ION Stand #1036 | Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Heading back to San Antonio for the first time in a decade, ACE 2019 looks to exceed its expectations and attract a global audience of 7,500 professionals from more than 72 countries. ACE continues as one of the most prestigious events for the geosciences community with a tradition of delivering an exceptionally strong, juried technical program, state-of-the-art technology displays and networking activities that create a dependable, fun and valuable business forum.

Founded over a century ago, AAPG was built upon the expertise and knowledge of many of the world’s most prominent and successful geoscientists. The traditions of scientific excellence and professional camaraderie carry on when the Association’s flagship event returns to San Antonio.

Time & Location
Spanning the End-member Break-up Models: Towards a Full Technostratigraphic Model for the South Atlantic from Conjugate Margin Data K. McDermott, S. Patruno, N. Hurst, L. Fullarton, P. Bellingham Monday, May 20 TBA
Character of the Caribbean Crust Revealed: Initial Observations of New and Reprocessed Seismic Data K.R. Reuber, J.L. Pindell, A. Goswami, C. Campbell. A.V. Bliss, B.W. Horn Tuesday, May 21 TBA
Transforming the Transform: Insights into the Technostratigraphic Development of the Ghanaian Transform Margin from Newly Acquired Long-offset Reflection Seismic Data K. McDermott, N. Hurst, S. Patruno, P. Bellingham Tuesday, May 21 TBA
Comparing Stratigraphic Architecture and Petroleum Systems Across the South Atlantic Margin K.R. Reuber, F. Brouwer, K. McDermott Wednesday, May 22 TBA
Defining New Exploration Play Potential in the Offshore Sirt Basin and Cyrenaica Margin, Libya, Using Mega-regional 2D Seismic Data L. Fullarton, K. McDermott, E. Gillbard, P. Bellingham Wenesday, May 22 TBA

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