Join us virtually during the 2021 International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy (IMAGE’21) by registering for a live data tour to see the latest images from our multi-client programs. Check out the topics we’ll cover and the schedule below.

Latin America: A Regional Synthesis of High-resolution Deep Record Seismic

Latin America hosts some of the most active exploration basins in the world. This data tour will illustrate the importance of regional framework analysis on a basin scale. Data from the leading edge of the Caribbean to the southern boundary of the South American Plate will be reviewed.

Data Tour Host: Kyle Reuber

Colombia Deepwater: Reprocessing Results and Initial Observations

Newly reprocessed 2D seismic data reveal the complex evolution of the Colombian Deepwater Basin and the greater Caribbean Plate. These data resolve the crustal architecture and fabric of the region to include an anomalously thin crust in the central offshore basin. Additionally, the regional interpretation of the basin’s stratigraphic units is performed with higher confidence.

Data Tour Host: Antara Goswami

Offshore Brazil: Picanha Regional 3D Dataset Overview

The Picanha dataset provides regional context for evaluating future lease rounds through the lens of a single, 125,000 sq km contiguous seismic stack and velocity model. Observations of salt tectonics, sediment fairways, and the associated petroleum systems across Santos, Campos, and Espirito of Santo help identify and de-risk a spectrum of offshore Brazilian energy opportunities.

Data Tour Hosts: Andrew Hartwig, Jonathan Denly

MNSH Prime 3D: Imaging the Zechstein Carbonate Play in the Mid North Sea High

A newly acquired 3D seismic survey, covering the entire Zechstein play fairway in the UK Mid North Sea High, reveals the hydrocarbon potential of the complex and highly variable Intra-Zechstein plays on the flanks of the European Permian Basin.

Data Tour Hosts: Neil Hurst, Emily Kay

Offshore Mauritania: A Fresh Perspective Using a Newly Merged and Depth Reimaged, Fully Integrated 3D Dataset of the Salt Basin and Beyond

ION is currently reimaging >19,000 km of legacy 3D data from the prolific offshore Mauritanian MSGBC Basin. This coastal basin has proven large hydrocarbon accumulations since the large Chinguetti discovery in 2001 and remains one of the most exciting areas for frontier exploration in the world. These new mega-regional data allow for a fully integrated and well calibrated imaging of the deeper basement and kitchen structures, the salt basin and the Cretaceous and Cenozoic plays, addressing critical uncertainties and unlocking new play potential. This regional data tour will allow an exciting first look at the preliminary PSDM data and an insight into the imaging solutions and play potential of this frontier basin.

Data Tour Host: Beth Gillbard

GoM Data Review: Exploration Value of a Regional Perspective

Join us for a data tour of the ONLY mega-regional, onshore-to-offshore seismic dataset in existence in the Gulf of Mexico that provides a comprehensive view of margin-to-margin basin evaluation and helps in understanding the crustal framework and history of sedimentation. This contiguous seismic network of ~92,000 line km extending from onshore US to offshore Mexico ties key wells and established fields, and supports exploration and searching for analogs in frontier areas.

Data Tour Host: Antara Goswami