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Until recently, understanding of the Mexican sector of the Gulf of Mexico has been based on 1970’s vintage seismic data and processing. YucatánSPAN is a program consisting of newly reprocessed data that applies ION’s RTM processing to the seismic grid originally acquired by University of Texas in 1978. The program covers Mexican waters, crosses the Yucatan platform and links to the FloridaSPAN survey with ultra-long lines that cross the entire Gulf abyssal plain.

YucatánSPAN will provide major advances in the understanding of the southern Gulf of Mexico’s geology and its entire evolutionary development. Lines of the program reach eastward and tie to the southern FloridaSPAN lines. The reprocessing starts from field tapes and depth imaging is performed using RTM and Kirchhoff techniques. The initial results have demonstrated superior illumination of the deep crustal structure, salt and under-salt sediments, as well as the Cretaceous and Wilcox sediments.

This new dataset will revolutionize our ability to:

  • Document southern Gulf of Mexico marginal development
  • Perform crustal reconstructions with the northern Gulf of Mexico margin
  • Document the sedimentary filling history of the entire Gulf of Mexico

Multi-Client Products

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