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The Perdido South 3D reimaging program consists of over 16,000 sq km of seismic data across six surveys in the southern part of the attractive Perdido area, believed to have prolific hydrocarbon potential. Perdido South 3D builds on the success of the Mexican Ridges program and ION’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the US and Mexican Gulf.


Recent discoveries in the Perdido Fold Belt confirm the Tertiary oil potential. The reservoir rocks are of good quality and prospective resources estimated to date are promising.  Recently drilled exploratory wells confirm the operation of oil active systems, such as Trion-1, Maximino-1, Supremus-1 and Exploratus-1.  Analogues of these wells are Trident-1 and Baha-2, constituting fields already known and with significant resources in the United States.  Accumulations of hydrocarbons have also been reported in the Miocene sands during the Vespa-1 well drilling, which confirm the existence of another additional active petroleum system in the minibasin area.  This further supports the existence of a train of structures that extend from the Alaminos Canyon in the United States, up to the area of Perdido Fold Belt and Subsalt Belt in the Mexican side.

CNH, December 2015


The Perdido South 3D reimaging program connects the current Mexican Ridges 3D program with the productive Perdido Fold Belt trend in US water. ION’s existing MéxicoSPAN 2D framework provides a regionally calibrated starting velocity model to achieve excellent and consistent depth imaging of the fold belt. The subsurface geologic variation from north to south across the area demonstrates the variation from the northeast section that is different from the folds identified in the ridges to the south. This change in structural style and kinematics complements ION’s experience and workflows, calibrated to changes in structural style and the impact it has on imaging high amplitude folds with steep limbs.

Key Deliverables

  • Fast track products are planned to be delivered in Q3/Q4 2018
  • Program deliverables include:
    • Super Fast track merge
    • Fast Track
    • Enhanced Fast Track
    • Full Flow Processing

Multi-Client Products

3D Data
ION has built on the deep geological knowledge and successes of its SPAN programs to create 3D...