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MéxicoSPAN provides E&P companies a thorough understanding of the geology of the western and southern region of the Gulf of Mexico. The program is designed to provide regional coverage of both the prolific exploration and production areas of the western Gulf of Mexico and the exploration frontier margins of the eastern Gulf and northern Yucatán.

The program is acquired with the longest offsets and record length feasibly possible and is imaged using the latest data processing technology available. MéxicoSPAN will align seamlessly with GulfSPAN and FloridaSPAN, uniting both onshore and offshore margins and representing a complete interpretation of the entire basin. The MéxicoSPAN dataset addresses the need for greater understanding of geologic conditions and basin evolution in support of both current and future offshore bidding rounds. Fast-track products representing current (first round) bidding areas are available.

  • Tie into all existing Gulf of Mexico BasinSPAN programs and products (GulfSPANFloridaSPAN and YucatánSPAN) in order to provide a continuous, regional grid over the entire basin and tie into previous interpretation
  • Utilize knowledge gained from YucatánSPAN to optimize program design and layout in Mexican waters to supply the precise amount of 2D data required before moving to 3D, both existing CNH data and soon to be acquired by the seismic industry (new 3D WAZ)
  • Cross as many proposed lease sale and potential farm-in areas as possible
  • Utilize multiple vessels simultaneously to acquire and process two targeted areas to provide fast-track products to be of value for the lease sale

Multi-Client Products

2D Data
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BasinSPAN surveys have a long offset and are typically depth imaged to 40 km. The programs are...