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The ION Mexican Ridges program seamlessly reprocesses eight CNH legacy surveys over 28,600 sq. km. This fully industry funded dataset provides a clearer understanding of the hydrocarbon potential in the Tuxpan Platform and Golden Lane area.

The Mexican Ridges 3D seismic stacks and velocity models allow for detailed hydrocarbon play-type analysis of onlapping Mesozoic strata onto the Eastern Mexico basement high, extensional roll-over structures, and further investigation into the shallow, down-dip, amplitude anomalies within the compressional folds. These anomalous amplitudes that are commonly observed on many supra-detachment structures point to the presence of hydrocarbons, and their sedimentary history is indicative of robust prospectivity within their depositional systems which include: paleo-canyons, channel systems, volcanic environments, unconformities, and shale detachments at Miocene through Eocene levels.

Fast Track data is available over all 28,600 km2 for evaluation of the latest blocks in Mexican bid Rounds 2.4 and 3.1:

  • Fully reprocessed from raw field tapes
  • Completely rebuilt anisotropic velocity model
    • Contiguous TTI Kirchhoff PSDM volumes (plus depth to time products) with associated angle stacks available