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The Campeche Super Shallow Reprocessing program combines another 9 legacy seismic surveys totaling over 9,500 km sq plus 1,700 km of 2D using a contiguous velocity model which expands southward from the previously re-imaged Campeche Programs. These shallow water surveys near the Pescadores and Coatzacoalcos mini-basins are characterized by the landward continuation of the Sal Somera canopy and the Catemaco fold belt. Complexities in lithological identification between thin, rugose, salt canopies, extensional detachments, and the chaotic mass transport sequences result in challenges to the merging and re-imaging of the vintage data; however, regional consistency paired with local well control and extensive experience in the area allows for the reprocessed dataset to tie, confirm, and further develop exploration leads within the area.

Acknowledgments: Data processed by ION in partnership with Schlumberger

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ION has built on the deep geological knowledge and successes of its SPAN programs to create 3D...