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The Campeche South Reprocessing program encompasses 24,000 km sq four legacy seismic surveys, Anegada, Holok, Cequi, and Bolol, acquired separately, in the southern Gulf of Mexico Salinas del Istimo Basin. This southward continuation of the Campeche North Program continues the trends of its northern counterpart such as substantial salt structures and compressional fold and thrust formations. Unique to the area however is the change in structural regime to counter-regional extensional formations in the Comalcalco Basin and the oceanic crust expression in the basinward abyssal plain. Observations of significant thickness and character changes in the Mesozoic section lead to a new understanding of the geologic timing, basin dynamics, and source rock potential in the area. Additionally, utilizing well control for velocity analysis and consistent model building across survey boundaries provides an updated image which ties directly into the recent successful Zama discovery.

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