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The Campeche Shallow Waters Reprocessing program combines 15 legacy seismic surveys, acquired separately in the southern Gulf of Mexico offshore area of Comalcalco, Pilar de Akal, and Macuspana. The south-eastward extension of the Campeche North and South programs, the 15,000 km sq Shallows dataset reveals the extensional features of the Comalcalco and Macuspana basins and the associated thick sediment fairways as well as gaps in the Mesozoic carbonate packages presumably rafted away by thick salt evacuation. Moreover, The Pilar de Akal, which sits between the two extensional basins, is home of the world renowned Cantarell field. By seamlessly merging all surveys together and combining with the North and South programs, this dataset offers unprecedented perspective for exploration teams to tie known, historic areas of success, to others prospective plays and targets in the region in 3-dimensions.

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